Covergirl Battles Almay

Probably the world’s worse swatching ever. Hahah
You can tell which as more coverage.
Almay, I had to put another layer on my hand.
Smell: Almay smelled weird like clay.
Covergirl smelled like, well reminds me of powder. So it’s like a softer smell. Not sure if that make sense.
I don’t apply foundation with my fingers, I usually use a blending sponge. When swatching the Covergirl feels thicker but not like ew I’m applying paint to my face.
Almay feels like moisturizer, like thin.

I applied both near my jawline and by the looks I like the Covergirl foundation.
Almay takes longer to dry.
I want to say Covergirl has more coverage over the redness. You can still see it but it’s faint later on the day. First applied, my face looks smooth.

I went to go wash the swatches away and the Alway washed off instantly. Covergirl took a little more effort.

So overall 👍 to Covergirl and 👎 to Almay.


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