Covergirl Foundation Review

This is only day two of trying out this foundation. I wasn’t planning to try a drugstore brand, ironically the only other foundation I’ve tried was Covergirl. I don’t know if my skin didn’t like it or just you know the time I used it. I kept breaking out here and there.
I was with my friend at Target exploring the makeup isle. I asked her what she recommends for foundation. It was down to this foundation or Revlon brand. (Forgot what line)
So far, I really like this foundation.
My plan is to wear foundation everyday this week to see how my skin reacts. Still don’t plan to wear it everyday from now on.
If I like this, I don’t know if I still want to go to MAC in a few months to talk to them about face makeup. Keep flip flopping.
I’m not quiet sure if it makes my face oiler. I don’t think so. It’s either less or about the same.
It does help with cover some redness I have near my jawline.
So remember this is only the second day of trying this but so far two thumbs up.


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