Chapstick vs ECOs

Okay. This is my third eos lip balm. But for some reason for the longest time I didn’t really like it as much as Chapstick. I bought the red one when eos became popular or when it was introduce. I used all of the red one and was like meh it’s okay. I didn’t love it initially. I bought probably two or three of the three pak of Chapsticks from my first eos to now. Haha I am always losing them.
I got this strawberry eos in my stocking stuffer for Christmas. At first I was like okay… Whatever. What I have been doing is storing this eos in my bathroom drawer and use apply it on my lips after I brushed my teeth. I just used Chapstick during that day… When I actually remembered. 😛
After a couple of weeks of using both products, there is a huge difference. I actually like eos way better! Chapstick for me doesn’t seem like it actually repair my dry lips. Now I feel with the Chapstick feels like applying a layer of wax. Eos actually helps with my dry lips.


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