06.03.14/How To Curl Long Hair

Literally have been obsessing over my hair all day!
I feel like my hair looks like soft beachy curls.
It may look the same as every time I curl my hair but I personally do not think so!
Today’s hairstyle is my favorite!

Oh this is second day hair!! What?!?!
I am not sure if it is the process which worked or just luck.
I want to believe it is because of the process.

If so, this is what I have done:
1. Wash my hair in the morning (at least ½ of the day)
2. Air dried and went along with my day
3. At night, brush hair and applied baby powder through out my scalp. Mainly focus on my roots.
4. Curled my hair. I had to play around with my curls. Majority, if not all the time, divide into two halves. Then grab a section at a time. (Hopefully this whole thing make sense)
A. Bottom half: clamped a section and curl from the roots down close to the end.
B. Top section: clamp near the end of the section and curl half/ three fourths up towards the roots
5. If some curls too tight before it cools gently pull it.
6. Once hair cools. Shake out curls!!! I think every person who curls their hair should do that. The goldilocks look is not cool in my opinion. (Also that makes the baby powder blend in and all [the powder has been just chilling the whole time. Ha])
7. Take the spray and go! Scrunch when the product is on your hair
8. Go to sleep try not to sleep on your hair.

Sounds like a lot of steps but it’s pretty easy.

Only step: Inspect your hair to touch up any curls that have fallen out.
(For me, I just quickly went through and touched up majority of my hair)
It didn’t take as long from the night before since the foundation of the curl was already there.
Didn’t apply anymore baby powder or spray.

Maybe tmi but my hair is naturally straight and get super oily pretty quickly.
It’s currently 10:20pm. My roots are a little oily looks like second day early-ish afternoon oily.

Done with my spiel. 🙂


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