Sunglass Hut Goodie

New purchase!!! Gettin’ fancy! 😘
I’ve been wanting to get a new pair of sunglasses for a few months.

Last year, I got my first pair of really nice sunglasses.
I love my Ray-Bans. I will still wear them. The problem I have with my sunglasses they kept sliding down my face. I have a different nose bone so glasses/sunglasses are always slipping.

About two months ago I went to Sunglass Hut to get my Ray-Bans adjusted and having a conversation with the associate. I thought adjusting would fix my problem.
It did not fix it but adi the issue. While I was in the store I decided to try other pairs on.

First pair I tried, I absolutely loved. They were Tiffany’s. Uh-no. Costs way to much for my liking.
Kept trying another brands. I found some I like but I wanted to think about it since it’s a big purchase for me.

So time past and today it’s pretty and sunny out.
Finally decided to finalize my decision. I tried a few pairs and landed on the same Burberry pair I really liked.

When I was trying on these pair of sunglass I shook my head around and it didn’t move. #success!

This sunglass plastic front, sides are metal, ends are leather and there is an adjustable nose piece.


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