Product Review: Garnier Color

Product Review Time::

My final thoughts of Garnier Color Styler…
I should have had this particular post done about… Three weeks ago. Better late than never! 😋

On the first day, I was in love with the product. Purple ombre, how can you not be excited?!?

The picture above was the second day and I hadn’t washed my hair yet.

The instructions said to keep brushing you hair to keep the tangles. That is where things went south at the end of the day.

After the first time washing my hair, naturally majority of the color washed out. When I went brush my hair became massive knots! I was literally ripping hair out trying to brush the knots out. I did try combing but did nothing for me.

By the second washing of my hair, I was so over the purple hair. My hair is lightened so the product did last longer, about half a week if not a tad more.

The best description of the feel of product in my hair is dried paint. I pulled out so much hair trying to get the tangles out. I was I swear it made me have a ton of spit ends. It actually may have not been the result from the temporary dye but oh I noticed more that usual once I was able to see the ends.

Okay… Last thoughts of this final thoughts.
I don’t recommend this. Maybe on shorter hair it is a lot easier. Longer hair ended up be a slight nightmare but I did enjoy for that first full day.
Some odd way I am glad I did it because I liked how my purple hair looked. I’m not ready for a full commitment of purple hair so this was a simple temporary, trail and error?


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