What To Do With Empty Candles?

** Open individual pictures for a bigger view of the picture. **

This is not my normal Tumblr content but it relates! I swear it.

Sidenote:: this random DIY/clean/storage/organization mood is because I am trying to figure out what to do with some of my bracelets but my A.D.D. mind went to my pile of empty candles and my messy vanity area.

Back to the point!
I love candles. Simple as that. This is a year worth of candles more or less. Voluspa candles is my favorite brand. I’m a sucker for packaging. Voluspa has gorgeous packaging and rich scents.
The ironic part is Voluspa candles are hard to clean. Well the only aspect is because the metal wick holder won’t budge.

15 candles are clean and ready to be used. The next challenge was figure out what actually to do with them…

I placed some on my desk. I actually didn’t want to put any makeup tools out and exposed (ex: brushes). As you can see in the pictures those are the items I used. I’m actually not sure how I feel about them but they shall do for now. The amber glass is storage of hair ties. I figure that it is an easy container to just toss a hair tie in and move on with the day.

I have two bracelet storage container I placed on my bookshelf. I didn’t take a picture of the actual bookshelf because it hasn’t really been updated since I assembled it whenever it was. (Probably two years ago. Haha)

The purple jar/candle of bracelets is actually sort of funny to me. I don’t have many of those bread type of bracelets. That jar is kind of deep for only five so I had to improved. I used the jewelry bag I normally store them in and stuffed three napkins I found in a bundle in my room. I put the stuffed bag in the jar to raise the bottom and placed my bracelets in there for easier access.

The other candles are currently just used for decorations on my bookshelf. Probably find another purpose in a different area of the house.


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