Skegan Lovin’

Pros and Cons of watches:
-Completes an outfit
-Accidentally bump the face into hard surface
-At times can feel uncomfortable

In this day in age, people are connected to digital devices, the skill of reading a physical clock is decreasing. Not saying I am the quickest at reading clocks. I actually did not start wearing a watch more on a normal bases until last year. The biggest challenge was finding a comfortable watch. Over the years I had threw watches which were fashionable. I wore them once or twice. I didn’t mind the watches but the watches I had were not daily watch that could blend with outfits.
Trying to recall when and the reasoning why I bought the first Skegan watch. Doesn’t honestly matter. I love Skegan! So simple, classy, and durable. I randomly decided to try a leather wristwatch instead of linked band. I have not tried linked watches by Skegan. Once I fell in love with my first Skegan I have been a fan girl. The gray and rose gold watch always get the most compliments each time I wear.


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