2015 Hair Styles

    Last year was the most adventures my hair went through in years. Usually I just get hair trims through the year and occasionally get my hair dyed. 

Part of me enjoys taking selfies; no shame. The other part of me thinks selfies of yourself when  there are people you know is not my cup of tea. So awkward to me. 

I have had dyed hair since middle school. Early years normally dyed my hair black. My natural hair color is dark brunette. They were subtle changes. For couple of years I didn’t do anything to my hair. 

Senior spring time I had two blonde streaks. 

Last couple of years, I had different shades of berry reds. One point I had ombré (faded put fire lol). 

I have always wanted purple hair. Finally committed back in August. It was fantastic! 

December, I went back to a red. 

Currently, faded out red. 


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