Wear/Review/Throughts: Kylie Lip Kit

Timestamp of the pictures: 11:51am,4:40pm,1am

Sorry in advance for this super long post! AND the last awkward picture of myself. (It just showed the fade away the best.)

I’m a sucker for packaging. I actually like her packaging. I’m not blown away like I am with other brands but the packaging does fit for Kylie Jenner. 
I only did 1 application because I wanted to see how it would fade through out the day. 

It Is Amazing!  

Drank couple waters, one frap, ate Japanese ramen, pizza and snack. (Haha, I don’t eat that healthy…)
Not sure how the lip kit compares to other matte liquid lipsticks. 

I’ve watched a couple YouTube reviews. All pretty positive, amazingly. Minor complaints. 

Most of the lip kit reviews have been all positive. I was skeptical how Mary Jo was going to turn out since it’s a bold color compared to her original four neutral shades. 
The actual application is weirder than I aspected. The actual application it’s feels thin. Quick comparasion was watery but then now thinking it reminds me of oil. It guilds on so smooth. I just did a second coat for reassurance but I don’t I have to do it. The color is so pigmented so I assumed the formula would be thicker. 
The first few minutes my lips feel weird because of the “velety” feel. You’ll get over it and then it feels fine.

It’s true, you can barely feel the product. You can tell its on, but you don’t constantly worry if the product stays in its place. 
It doesn’t necessarily dry my lips, its still smoothie. However, once you take it off, you definitely want to apply some Chapstick just to add some moisture on your lips. 
Above: written about the first day with one application. 
Below: week timespan. 

I wore the lip kit for five days. Still loving it so far but now I have more opinions. 

Thought it would be redundant to make a separate post so sorry for this super long post. 
The lip kit feels weird after hours of straight talking. If I had time I would have gone to the restroom to wipe it off and start over. Before I had dinner later one day the product had collected near the outer part of my lip. It drove me crazy I had to wipe it off before I ate. The people around me told my lips looked fine and didn’t get why I was wiping it off. I had to explain the dried up parts are annoying me. 
I generally do not talk for hours and hours straight so I don’t necessarily have to be worried about a repeat. 
Another day, I had a sandwich which had some type of sauce in it which I think has some type of oils in it because the product came off quickly on my bottom lip. Which usually the product is able to stay on longer. So just a reapply fixed that little hiccup. 
Two out of the five days I have worn it there were only minor “issues”. I definitely take it! With other lip products from different companies I don’t think I would have this positive wearability. 
Overall: two thumbs up! Impressed. 
It is pretty safe to say, Kylie lip kit is one of my favorite lip products!


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