Let Loose & Go With The Flow

My hair is slowly getting longer!

This is about the original length when I did the big chop a year ago! Months after that I would get it cut shorter and then kept it trim. Last time I got a hair trim was probably back in November. I knew at that time it was time to start growing my hair longer.

Ironically, now I’m starting use more heat tools and I’m not getting my hair trimmed to keep it healthy.

Anyways! I personally do not like tight curls in my hair. I prefer loose curls but I struggle trying to keep it looking low maintance.

Now that my hair is getting longer, curling the underneath layer is easier. I use a 1 1/4 barrel and try to loop my hair around the barrel one- one & half times.

I alternate with opposite hand holding the tool, let a section of hair go between then barrel and clamp. Keep clamp in place for a few sections and then release the hair section. Then I switch more towards the upper layers, opposite hand holding the curler with the barrel pointing downwards. The other hand takes a small section and wrap the hair around the barrel, hold a few seconds. Be mindful of your fingers closest to the barrel.


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