Introducing “Tunes On Repeat”

Decided to add what I listening to on Spotify on here. For the moment, I am going to add this under Lifestyle. Music is life for me. At some point of everyday I have Spotify playing.

I am personally musically challenged (can’t play an instrument and can’t sing) however I love listen to music. Some people can do tasks in silence. I feel like I am going to lose my mind with too much silence. Well, it depends on the task. If they are just mindless tasks around the house, music is a must! Music makes the pain of cleaning lessen.

I am currently listening to music while typing this. I can’t dance either in my own little bubble dancing. Yes, I am one of those weird drivers who will sing and dance while driving.

When music is playing it repeats over and over again. Probably annoying the snot out of people around. Oh well!

I have a few bad habits, two that are related to this are whistling and when I love a particular artist or album it will be on repeat until I get bored or find something else.

The latest longest repeat obsession was The Weekend, Nov. 2014-Sept. 2015. I would rarely but on other music. Just started off with Earned It then I started to listen to his older album, Trilogy. Later added to the mix were the tracks he had been featured in, moving along to his Kiss Land album, then finished when his latest album.


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