Tunes On Repeat: Zayn

I was never a “One Directioner” however I did like a few singles that were on the radio.

Even with the whole scandal of Zayn, I haven’t read much on him but did do quick glances. I don’t particularly care about his personal life and his persona in the media.

I will tip my hat towards his album. It has been on repeat! The first time I listened to his album was out of curiosity. When a group member levels to pursue a solo career, there is so much hype. The individual will either rise or fall. I think he did pretty well. There are tracks I like and some I could do without. His album all flows which is good but annoying. I saved his album on Spotify so I can delete songs off the playlist. Some of his songs I know when I listen to it I don’t care for it but when I try to go back and figure out the track I have a hard time deciphering the track I am looking for.

Quick run through of the tracks I like after the first listened: Drunk, Wrong, Tio, Bright.
Wrong won me over first out of the four just listed.

My biggest complaint is the format of his titles? I hate that mixture of capitalized and lower case letter!!! So annoying!


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