Wear/Review/Thoughts: Kylie Lip Kit- Kourt K

(Sorry, for the bad photo of the second picture!)

Massive thumbs down!!!

So disappointed!!!

I loved the color so amazing! Since I loved Mary Jo K, I immediately wanted to buy more lip kits!

Once the Kylie uploaded the sneak peak of a new shade on her friend. Oh goodness! I was excited! I waited for that release and amazingly was able to get it on the first release of Kourt K.

I know darker shades are always tricker to formulate so this lip kit I was skeptical.

Once the kit came, I opened that sucker up! Quickly applied it…. Bad idea! Such a bad idea. Mary Jo doesn’t take to long but darker lip shade I have to take a more time to apply.

I panicked and then tried to wipe it off. That made the situation worse. I lucky had vaseline and a bunch of napkins in my car. Later that night, I took my time to apply it.

I was hoping it was just a one time difficulty.

Sadly wrong, closer to the inner part of my lip the liquid lipstick only lasted for a few minutes. My lips started to look odd super fast. The forumla feels completely different. When I had Kourt K on my lips it felt like I had foundation dried on my lips. Mary Jo, you can barely feel the product on the lips. So it immediately threw me off and I did not like it.

My mind some reason started freaking me out. Going back to my thought with Kourt K near the inner lip, it flaked off with a few mins and some parts were getting on my teeth and tongue. In a short amount of time the product flaked. You can tell even the poor quality of the second picture, how unflattering my lips look.

I know it is suggested only one layer of application however, that is impossible for this shade.

Overall: it flakes, feels like foundation on lips, hard to apply, even worse to wear.

I do not know what I am doing wrong because the Youtube videos I had watch all raved. There were maybe two videos where their opinions were more a lined with mine.

I absolutely love the shade! So disappointed of the lack of wearability.

If I had purchased Kourt K as my first Kylie Lip Kit, I would have never tried any other shade. Lucky like I have mentioned before, I have Mary Jo K.

I feel like I have rambled too much in here… My mini thoughts shall continue in another post!


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