Thought Bubble: Kylie Lip Kit Thoughts… So Far!

Hey! I am thinking of this while I go. Usually I try to stick with a particular format when creating my posts.

“Thought Bubble” is going to be more in-depth thoughts of whatever topic I have in mind. Maybe this will turn in to more of inner monologue… Is there really a difference? 😉
Basically, more random rambles… So bare with me!

I just finished the “Wear/Review/Thoughts: Kylie Lip Kit- Kourt K” post. I planned this post to go after that so if you are interested on my thoughts, go and check out the previous post!

Random note: I keep typing lip kit as one or and two words. I keep thinking the “name” is one word but it’s two. So apologies for the past posts!

Back to my original thought, after purchasing Kylie’s Lip Kit twice here are my current thoughts! My first lip kit was Mary Jo K, love, love, love! Second lip kit was Kourt K, so disappointed. If I had purchased Kourt K as my first lip kit, I would have no desire to try her other shades. Luckily, I love Mary Jo, I am currently waiting for Candy and Posie to arrive!

I am still skeptical for Candy and Posie however, it’s more how the shade is going to look on me that me worrying about the formula.

My friend has Posie, she loves it! She is obsessed and she is waiting for Candy to arrive for herself. I included her order with mine.

I get so much joy of trying to get the lip kits. I’m always open to order for my friends so they don’t have to deal with the stress. I get an adeline rush, guilty… I have had four successful orders and two fails. That’s not bad!


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