Currently in My Cup: 05.16

So juicy, so tasty!

I don’t drink juices for the “cleansing” benefit. I always find it fun just because it taste good. Juices is slightly similar to Russian Roulette because you never exactly know how the juice will taste. It is kind of an expensive game to play.

Obviously all the ingredients listed however, you don’t like how much ingredients were used to make the juice. I know for sure, I do not like juices with parsley.

I know I already like Green Lemonade so it was safe to purchase a slightly bigger bottle. The Detoxifier ingredients seems pretty harmless. It was good, probably nothing I would repurchase. The ginger was a bit strong for me.

The Green Lemonade is the same as Robek’s Evergreen. I used to work at Robeks, that was one of the juices I know I used to like. The only ingredient difference is the Green Lemonade does not have celery, which is perfectly fine with me.


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