I’ll be truthful. I was quiet hesitant on this purchase.

I’m a short and not a thin person, so wearing shorts and a long sweater automatically shortens me. Recently I’ve been feeling self-conscious of how my arm looks with some tanks. It depends on the straps, thin straps lately I have been throwing on a light sweater/kimonos. Which is fine for me since usually the tanks I wear are black so throwing on a sweater can add color/texture.

Even though I am feeling self-conscious of how the sweater would look on me with shorts, I still went with it because at the same time it made my heart happy. Contradicting sentence, yes. (Haven’t you ever felt that way? :p) In reality, this sweater probably looks odd on me especially wearing shorts, but it’s not bad with pants and a top. This sweater is pretty light, and I admire the subtle details/texture. I have worn this sweater during the day and another at night.

During dead of summer is probably not the most logical but at this moment it is just beginning. This sweater is great for the movies!

(Not quiet sure why I filled below out because you can’t see a “good” picture)

Outfit of The Day-

Sweater:: Target

Top:: Target

Shorts:: Target

Shoes:: Old Navy


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