Tunes On Repeat: Reading Music (Instrumentals) Playlist

There is an insane amount of songs in this playlist. There’s 53 hours! Seriously?!? I’ve only made it the first 10-ish tracks. Great reading but also music to fall asleep.

Since I am the type of person to listen to the same album/playlist over and over again. I do eventually get tired of lyrical music and instrumental is the best solution.

I do like movie scores but finding actual instrumental music is hard for me. There’s a certain style I like  am just not quite sure what it is exactly.

This playlist gives a good mixture of different styles.

Definitely recommend! So far, it has been such a good playlist to listen for sleeping time.

The first couple tracks are from the movie Up so that puts me in a good mood. At first, I can image some of the scenes… Just makes me feel happy.

I do sometimes put the playlist on shuffle which is pretty awesome. That gives me more of a chance to listen to other songs. They all end up blurring together after a while. I don’t know any tracks from memory besides the first 5 tracks and which I still don’t know the name.


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