Product Review Time:: NYC Liquid Suede


IMG_4427 So I definitely think I am spoiled when it comes to liquid lipstick. On a whim, I decided to try the NYX Liquid Suede: Soft Spoken.

First application I thought it was slightly sticky. I was waiting for it to dry.

I’m so used to the Mary Jo K Kylie Lipkit when it dries matte within a few seconds.

I know I shouldn’t compare since this isn’t a matte lipstick.

However, when I applied to my lips the stickiness never went away.

Some lip products that have some stickiness got can still move your lips back and forth. This one is sticky and no movement. The only comparison I can think of is when you are pulling scotch tape from your skin. The weak tape where it’s barely sticks on your hand. And it keeps transferring little by little.

I almost about Vintage which is crimson shade. I thought better not purchase such a dark shade since I know the formula is harder to create. I figure to be safe with a neutral shade.

I’ve applied to two different times today and both wiped them off because it drove me crazy 


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