What to Wear on a Night Out?

My last post made me continue this thought/ramble.

My general thought logic, show either cleavage, midriff, or legs if you want to show some skin. Depending on the look maybe two of the three, but oh boy there’s a fine line. BUT absolutely do not do all three! Balance the overall look! I feel like there is a small percentage of the population that can definitely pull that off. There is always situational setting that is a big factor when dressing.

Looking at outfits on Pinterest and/or celebrities pictures, people will do some fun/risqué looks but majority of the styles I admire there isn’t too much skin showing. If there is a lot of skin showing in some way its balanced. There’s a fine line of showing the “right amount” among of skin and looking like a hot mess.

Everyday wear is whatever but still know how to dress your body appropriately. Not saying I know how to dress myself but I majority of the time know when something looks awful.

I feel like some people just use “self confidence” is justification of wearing not so flattering clothes. There are some risky clothing which can be fun but it all depends on how it lays on the body. On some people it the clothing can be fine but on another person it can be revealing.

Style Lovin’

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 8.47.47 PMSource

Suede halter dress #swoonboutique
Source Suede halter dress #swoonboutique

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0e835ee09ae36a2cf54526cbffdbd14f Source


9af8614307cab626df80c408d58d837c Source

PS: Scrolling through Instagram I know what I like but now looking for good pictures I hits a miss. All the pictures look the same which doesn’t help. Summer night outfits I didn’t really find.


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