Summer Reading: Looking For Alaska


I have read or listened John Green’s books.

I listened to The Faults In Our Star on Audible, thought the plot line was good and I like the humor of that book. However, the book wasn’t addicting. I loved the movie, no shocker I teared up/cry, whatever. I am a weirdo who cries over books, tv and movies.

Sidetone: I’ve cried at an end of a season finale where I only watch 3/4 of that episode and never have seen any episodes of that series previously. I had no idea the plot line neither the less any character names…

Back to the point:
I’ve read Paper Towns and if I remember correctly I over all liked the book The Faults In Our Stars slightly more. I’ve seen Paper Towns the movie more. His books are not page turners or stay up the whole night reading.

I thought I would take the chance on Looking For Alaska. It was an easy read which to me is always a thumbs up. For me, it wasn’t until the last 20-ish (I don’t remember) pages where I was so intrigued and couldn’t put it down.

I used to be able to fly through some books but past year or so it has taken me way longer.

It’s been while since I have had an addicting book that I couldn’t put down. Any book suggestions?


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