Beach Week Makeup Traveling Essentials!


Who honestly wears makeup when they are at the beach?

I don’t, it’s silly. I’m either in the sun or chilling around the house. What’s the point of bringing all your makeup when you are not going to really touch it?

My lazy day but still effort makeup eyeliner and mascara. I thought bringing the Kylie lip kits would be a fun pop if I wanted to use it.

I did bring eye shadow and primer if I really wanted go fancy. Spoiler: I didn’t use it.

I did use the lip kits a couple times at night when we went out to dinner.

Vaseline is must when hydrating my lips. Love it!

I always need tweezer at some point so I made sure I didn’t forget it.

Scrunch and bobby pins were added later. I don’t like sleeping with my hair everywhere. I look ridiculous when going to bed but I don’t care.

Travel light because who wants deal with the unnecessaries?

Calm before the rain…IMG_7379


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