SNS Nails Love!





Have you ever tried SNS?

Well you should! Definitely recommend.

I used to get gel nails whenever I got my nails done. SNS is a dip powder method. I’ve gotten SNS nails 3 times. They last for me a month with obvious growth but I don’t care, it don’t chip badly. I get the SNS over my natural nails. When all said and done, the makes my nails super hard! I don’t have to worry about breaking my nails usually.

I say usually, because currently 9 of my nails are SNS, my middle right is super short. I was chasing my dog the other day because he was being naughty. While chasing my dog, he broke my nail. I sound super girly, I am aware! I roll my eyes at myself when I keep thinking of it. However, it really hurt! The polish I don’t lie is hard so that being ripped hurt.

I am debating rather or not to go by the salon and ask if they can do one nail. My natural nail is slightly weak, if I go to the salon monthly, there is no way my one nail is going make it as long. At some point, it always break.

I am just thinking about this idea as I type, I think I am going to go by tomorrow and see if they can do that for me. I ripped it the other day. I just gotten it done 5 days beforehand, SNS nails usually last 2-3 weeks.

SNS nails are more expensive but I think they are definitely worth it!
I own a lot of polishes. I almost thought about getting rid of it a couple weeks ago because if I stick with SNS nails they last so long for me, so there’s no point of keeping nail polish.

“Downside” For myself, SNS polish is difficult to get off. Well, I just watched this video, this method didn’t seem so difficult, I might try that next time.

PS. I wish I knew what the names of those shades were in the in pictures.


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