Cup of Orangeade

IMG_7565  IMG_7567 IMG_7569

I love Kilwin’s orangeade! I observed how they made it (the best I could).

From the looks it looked majority ice, then 1/3 orange and lemon juice, couple pumps of simple syrup and then 2/3 water.

So, I just stuck with what I thought it would probably work.

1/3 orange & lemons and 2/3 water to whatever size container you want to storage the drink.

I have done a batch by using the hand squeezer but this time I used the electric to make it faster. It is a little messier oddly enough but that might just be my opinion.

This is the order I did which I thought worked pretty well. I laid out all the ingredients sliced each fruit individually in half and then squeeze (all the oranges and then lemons), opened four packs trivia (cover the trivia with enough water) put it in the microwave for 30 seconds [similar to a simple syrup], a combine it all together and the finally add water.

I made the mistake of adding ice at the end. I’ll probably end up adding two more oranges since the pitcher is going to end up more watery.

In my cup, I added mint since I have been in a weird mint kick. I also find a lot of joy of decorating my drinks. Ah, so much fun!

The container in the picture is a 2 liter.
-4 oranges (3/4 cup per orange)
-2 lemons (1/4 cup per lemon)
-4 trivía packets


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