Food For A Few Days

I’m on my own for food for a few days. I’ll be the first to tell you that when I am on my own I struggle on providing proper food for myself. I may eat a proper meal every other day. Usually I end up eating snacks foods all day or order take-out. Completely terrible.

I am determined to cook for myself as much as I can next couple of days. I watch so many YouTube videos of cooking and baking but rarely touch the kitchen. I go in phases when I try to cook for myself. I usually just make a post about my attempts. Partly don’t cook because I hate doing the dishes and I am super afraid of poisoning myself. (i.e. didn’t cook the food long enough or over cooking)

What I bought isn’t much different than what I would normally cook for myself but massive step for me. I actually bought chicken! I am not a vegetarian however I am scared that I will under or over cook the meat. Also, touching raw meat slightly terrifies me.

Generally, I am more of put things together that’s already cooked or it doesn’t need cooking.

I can’t make omelette; they always turn into scrambled eggs. I stress over cooking noodles. So trust me when I say I struggle with cooking. I really mean it!

So this is my challenge for the new few days. Make proper food for myself well unless I’m eating with my friends. As of now, I don’t have plans to eat out… Yet.

I decided just a few hours ago to upload a post the following day of my cooking journey.

I can do this! Wish me luck!

Ps. Time to start googling!


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