Day One of My Cooking Journey

Alrighty! Now that I have decided to try to cook everyday for the next few days, lets get cracking.

It’s currently the evening so a random side note earlier in the day I made a smoothie for myself. This was my second attempt of coconut milk. I actually have the post ready to post about my first attempt of using coconut milk but that won’t be until later. Confusing? Yes. I made the post the day of however I kept pushing the date to upload for some reason. Let me just tell you, spoiler alert, this time way significantly better! What a relief! (This little blurb was explaining why I had a smoothie included.)

Back to the task at hand… Tonight’s dinner.

Surprisingly felt confident when cooking the noodles! They taste fine. I didn’t see any spaghetti sauce. I saw tomato sauce, quickly googled to see if they were the same. Now I know it’s a base to any spaghetti sauce. I saw quick blurbs about adding onions, whatever you prefer to create the sauce. The noodles were already cooking so I just said forget it. I wanted spinach in my dish. I just sort of BS-ed it through. Once the noodles were cook, the packaging said 3-5mins. When the time was up, I drained and rinsed under cool water. While that was chilling, I used the same pot and dumped the little can, added the spinach to wilt, and then chicken to warm up. I used the left over chicken.

  1. Added abnormal amount of spinach to that “sauce” because I bought a new pack so I needed to use up what was already opened. If I used the amount I initially intended to use there would have been an awkward amount left. I couldn’t part of just throwing that away. I didn’t want to combine it with the new spinach. I am a massive weirdo!
  2. I struggled with the can opener. I’ve used it before was “fine”. For that small can, the can opener disconnected 6-8 times until it actually opened. Not sure if that was actually my fault or can opener. I would like blame the can opener. It kept pinching and getting off track.

Overall dinner: It was all right. I don’t know why I decided to choose to put red sauce on my noodles. I’m not even the biggest fan of it in general.


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