Day Two of My Cooking Journey

    Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.46.15 AM

    Breakfast: I debated rather try to cook some eggs to put on my bagel but I just bought cream cheese. I knew I had to use it. Everything bagels are one of my favs. My thought was since they are so many seeds already on the bagel, sprinkling some chia seeds won’t make a difference.

    Lunch: I had my left-over dinner. So nothing exciting. 

    Dinner: I found this earlier today, sounds do-able. Pasta again. The ingredients listed I had except for maybe one. The picture looks pretty appetizing. This is really the first time I have cooked chicken. All I am hoping is that I don’t get sick.

    Reality: Notice that the last meal picture isn’t what the image of the screenshot? I burnt the mother flipping chicken! Twice. *sigh* I initially cooked two chicken the first time because the recipe called for a pound of chicken so I thought the sauce to one chicken ratio wouldn’t be balanced. 

    The stove was on medium-high heat. I cooked it 4-5mins just like the steps listed. Slightly smoked the house. I turned the chickens over when those minutes were up. Those two chickens super burnt! I chuck them out. I had one chicken left. I hadn’t cooked the noodles yet. So, I just pictured plain noodles. I decided to try to cook the last chicken. I even turned down the heat. At this point, I was already discouraged and cursing since I was so annoyed about the super burnt chicken. 

    Ended up putting together noodles, garlic butter, spinach and feta cheese. (Not unusual for what I would put together in general with my limited cooking abilities.)

    Now I’m debating if I want to go back to the store to buy chicken. Very unmotivated to try again at the moment. 

    I don’t want to bake it, I wanted to try to cook it on the stove. I may buy it again and try baking. 

    Positive side: I feel confident in cooking angel hair pasta. I don’t want to eat pasta everyday. 

    My thought bubble for tomorrow, rice. I’m going to look up vegetarian dishes to see any recipes fancies me.  


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