Day Three of My Cooking Journey

Really hoping for a better outcome today than yesterday!

Breakfast: I think I am going to tired of everything bagels. That’s the problem about buying a bag of bagels, I only want one or two. I should have just bought bagels from Panera or a place like that. 

Today was a big breakfast day. My tummy was hungry at midnight. I don’t know if jam and cream cheese mix well with the everything bagels however I thought it might mesh well. That’s why I only tried on one incase I regret that decision. 

Side notes: 

  1. My food looks like a smiley face. 
  2. The center of the right bagel looks like heart! 

It’s 12:30, I’m not actually hungry yet. I’ve been scrolling through Pinterest for the past hour or two, I can’t find a recipe to try yet. I scrolled through the end of results for the search terms I used on Pinterest. Still nothing. 

I’m just eating lunch now… What is it called when you eat your second meal after 4? 

I went to the store earlier and if you noticed…. Bought some ummm delicious treats. It’s balance? So shhhhh!

Lunch: I’m lovin’! This probably lame how excited about my slices for the caprese salad! The other half is in the frig I’ll eat tomorrow. 

The smoothie I made today taste just a little tart. Usually tend to make sweeter smoothies however I didn’t mind. 

Did you noticed I bought chicken? I really don’t want to give up. This. Time I bought tenders because they are thinner. I’m nervous. 

Dinner: I baked the chicken! I did text three a picture asking if the chicken look safe to eat. It doesn’t look that appetizing in my opinion. Just kept the chicken simple with olive oil, salt and pepper. 

The red potatoes was my favorite part of dinner! 

I have a leftovers for tomorrow. Quiet happy about that fact! 

I am not sure what I am going to do with the leftovers but I’ll figure something out. 


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