Day Five of My Cooking Journey

Breakfast: I got a little excited about cooking breakfast clearly. I ate way too much. Last few bites were a struggle but I ate it anyways. Omelette with spinach, chicken, and mozzarella cheese. Plus the leftover potatoes. 

Lunch: My breakfast was so big so didn’t eat a lunch. I helped my friend earlier in the afternoon.  We walked to this resturant called The Southern Gentleman. We had cocktails and split a dessert, caramelized banana & hazelnut bostock French toast. My cocktail came in a cute little tea cup! Oh buddy was it strong taste. Slightly too strong of a taste. Not a drink I would repeat. I didn’t mind sipping along. The French toast. A•M•A•Z•I•N•G! Tastes like a pound cake, Angel food cake, pralines… Seriously what can be better! 

Dinner: Used the last leftover chicken, made some lime cilantro rice, and capresi salad with cucumbers. Not sure if that’s a real thing but hey why not. 


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