Summer Concert: Ellie Goulding!

I have actually seen an Ellie Goulding concert once before. She was playing at a small venue. Easily one of the best concerts, I’ve ever attended. The atmosphere was awesome! This time it was at an amphitheater so the vibe is a little different. She s still entertaining as no other. She makes you just want to dance the whole time. It’s not as umm suffocating because it’s a bigger area but I like kinda being packed like sardines because you feel like you are at a dance party. The amphitheater has benefits as well such as more room the breathe even on a hot and humid day. At one it was slightly annoying but it’s better than sweaty bodies touching you. Ahh! There’s pros and cons for both!

I love her music! Depending on the mood, her songs can be mellow and chilled to listen. If you are in a fantastic mood, it is a great ball of fun! Sun shining, windows down. What else is there?

** Concert Outfit& Makeup breakdown will be in the next post! **

Took a few pics & video clips, enjoy! (Well as much as you can a wonky iphone5 camera.) ha, can you tell I used Snapchat?


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