Virgin Mojito


I am always curious about the taste of different mixed drinks. I think I had a mojito once but I can’t remember if I liked it. Mint in drinks seems slightly weird to me however the drinks always look so fancy. It’s summer time! Time for fun refreshing drinks to sip!

I looked online just to get a better idea of how much of each ingredient.

To be honest, I don’t know if I would called this a virgin mojito or doctored up Sprite.

I didn’t have sparkling water in the house. I was going to go out and by a small bottle because I am pretty sure I don’t like the taste of sparkling water. I looked at the refrigerator and noticed two Sprite cans.

Original recipe online:
-half lime, cut quarters
-6 to 8 mint leaves
-teaspoon of sugar
-crushed iced (3/4 of the cup?)
-fill up with sparkling water

Since I replaced the sparkling water with Sprite.
In this cup:
-half lime, cut in quarters
-8 mint leaves
-crushed ice
-fill up with Sprite
(No needed to add sugar since Sprite is pretty sugary)


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