Just Finished Reading: a dark, dark wood

Oh. My. Goodness.

This book! I was debating rather or not to write a post about this book.

I do judge a book by it’s cover! Ah! Sorry! I am actually not sure how this book got my attention beyond just the cover. I want to say I have read the back of this book a few times while browsing books.

On the back, one of the quotes compared in a dark, dark wood to Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train. 

I haven’t read Gone Girl however, I have watched the last hour of the movie. I tried avoiding it when it was on HBO, I craved one night. Finally when I decided to watch the whole movie properly. Gone Girl had gotten off the list. So I missed my chance. I take back my earlier statement. I did start reading the book when the movie came out. I only read under ten pages one day at work. Then it became busy. It wasn’t until a year or two later I realized I never finished the book. Now I can’t even find it.

I listened to The Girl on the Train on Audible. The book was alright. There were moment to me it dragged on. Obviously, there were moments while I was listening I was on edge. When I tried to remember the ending I had forgotten. Oddly enough, it wasn’t until I was reading in a dark, dark wood I remembered.

I only have 20 pages left at the moment. In the beginning, it was slightly odd but it fit with the story. Slightly mundane, a lot of insecurity. It isn’t until later in the book the main character explains.

Once book hits the crazy, you are definitely glued! Slows down but it goes with the mental state of the main character.

Oh goodness, it picks up again! I found myself gripping my book just a little and holding my breathe.

I would like to state it’s about 3 am currently. There’s a quote/review on the back of the book, “‘Read the book now. Before bed at your own risk,’-TheSlimm.”

It’s not adrenaline rush however I feel on edge. I don’t want to continue. I’m loving and terrified of the crazy!

I normally don’t do psychological thriller books. I worry too much without that needed to be added to in my imagination.

Eeek! Seriously once the crazy starts, you know when it really starts. The book cannot be put down.

Finished the book! I am surprised how much I enjoyed it! You think one way, the author steers you in another. There were elements in the main character that reminded me of The Girl on the Train.

I might be on a book high, I am loving in a dark, dark night 80x more than I liked The Girl on the Train. 

I am impressed that this was Ruth Ware debut novel. I resisted on reading the excerpt of her next book. Just by the title sounds terrifying if it is anything like this book.


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