Summer Time Change



Sidetone: This is a delayed post, if you can’t tell from the previous posts I already have bangs in the pictures!

Back to the post: I always get an itch to do something with my hair. Usually it’s just a fresh dye but it was time for a big change. I haven’t had bangs in over a year. My family has a beach house since 2001? I love getting my hair done by Elizabeth. However, I don’t live there so getting my hair done often. Strangely I haven’t found a salon near where I live.

Currently decided, I love how Elizabeth cuts and styles my hair. She does use an organic dye so personally don’t think the overall color is that vibrant. Even though I don’t want in your face ‘oh here is my bright colored hair! Since it cost a lot to dye it want to be worth the money. Not saying she over charges, she doesn’t. I guess it depends what the individual cares about the most. I personally could care less about the dye chemical in my hair. Unless it’s going to make my hair fall off or some crazy nonsense. When I get my hair colored I like the overall look indoors to be subtle but when I am out in the sun… BAM!

The hair stylist I have been going ehh about year or two, I like how she colors more than cuts. I don’t remember being in love with my cut afterwards. I can’t cut hair but I am very apprehensive when it comes to that oddly enough. Deven, ohh I maybe misspelling her name. Sorry! Anyways, I love how she colors my hair. But there is always another side.

Yes, I am aware it’s a hair dye so of course it’s going to stain my skin! One time, I had to ask if I could get something to clean some of the stained skin. She had forgotten. Last couple of times, I have just sat there cleaning it off myself which is easier because I can be more aggressive when trying to rub/scrub it off.. I don’t remember thinking about it so much of the thought of oh I need to clean my face/ear/neck before it stains my skin from any other hair stylist. Closer to the hairline is fine, but there sometimes little splats. When Deven does around the hairline, my skin is stained a centimeter around. You can definitely tell I just gotten my hair dyed because of that.

But she kills with the color when its all said it done! I love it!!! She has colored hair so I knew I was going to be in good hands when I first went to her.


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