Just Finished Reading: just one day

I read the synopsis, sounded interested. I rarely remember authors’ names when it come to book. That sounds a little rude, I sometimes forget what books I’ve read.

Nevertheless I didn’t notice that Gayle Forman wrote If I Stay. That book is a bestseller… I didn’t really enjoy the book. Now trying to remember why I didn’t care for it, I can’t think of the particular reasons. I think the plot line was mediocre. 

It wasn’t till after I purchase the book I realized who wrote this book. So I was hesitant of starting this book. 

** this may contain spoilers**

In the beginning, the plotline reach my interest and then it slowly started to drag little bit. I’ve been on part one for probably about a month at one. I’ll be updating this post as I continue reading. It wasn’t until the last few pages of part one is where I got me hooked again.

I haven’t really started on part two so my theory is that the two characters will reunite. I bet the guy have some “grand” excuse to give her. 

Update: I’m half way in the book. It’s interesting not how I was expecting. 

I like her classmate. Hoping that turns into a good friendship. 

Few hours later: still reading. Much of the plot has changed. I’m really liking it. Easy to read and follow along. The becomes more enjoyable once the main character starts planning and then pursuing the next adventure. 

It has taken me on and off a month to just read 131 pages. I just unexpectally read 216 pages in one sitting. I’m forcing myself to save the last 20-ish pages because it’s 5am. This book is an unexpected page turner. The plot becomes better more in the journey. The book won’t keep you on the edge of your seats but it’s just so easy to continue. Then you realize hour and hours have gone by. 

I think the dynamic that overall made me uninterested was more the mother/daughter relationship and how much of she was always in her own head. I get the importance to make sure the reader understand the character but it dragged on at moments. 

I just finished the book. Wow I’m surprised that how it ended. My guess I made earlier wasn’t even close to what happened. 

I went to the bookstore today and picked up the second book. 

Final thoughts: I would recommend the book for anyone who loves exploring and the metamorphosis of one selves. 


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