Just Finished Reading: just one year

**may contain spoilers**

I’m actually reading the book and writing down my random opinions/theories on this post. 

In my last post, it is funny because my guess was completely wrong. 

Let’s begin! 

I’ve only read a few pages in the back of just one day of just one year. I assumed the story just continued right where just one day ended. I switched to the book and read the back for the synopsis. Slowly understanding it. 

About to start chapter 4, I have found myself stopping a lot looking back on just one day to see where Allyson’s point of view of the same object. Eek! I imagine when they both start talking it shall be a very entertaining conversation! 

More I read, more I am thinking to myself “ahhh you guys are so close yet you guys keep missing each other!!!!

Finished the book. I like the journey that Gayle Forman creates. I enjoyed how both characters both positively influenced each other without actually being there for each other. I can easily say I would recommend just one day and just one year over if I stay.

As the reader, you know when their paths almost meet but somehow they never alined until obviously at the end. I wish there was a conversation of their attempts and the other person tells them how close they could have reunited sooner. 


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