All In One Night’s Work: electrical tape

Well, it took about five-six hours. I may have gone a little crazy with this project. Ehh, if I decide I don’t like it, it’ll be easy to take down.

I watched The Sorry Girl’s video, randomly decided to do the cross stitch design over the bench. I was debating for a while rather or not to purchase a tapestry to hang. I could never decide what design, if I wanted certain colors or if I wanted a simple word.

This is how a.d.d. I am… I started this project idea by looking at Pinterest looking for a painting idea. Then I remembered The Sorry Girl’s video I watched the other day. I decided to switch project ideas.

I collected the supplies; then noticed I needed to change multiple lightbulbs.

Finally got back to the project. I started off with the cross stitch pattern. I blocked off the area o wanted with painters tape. I went on Illustrator which is on the computer to figure out the measurements. Slightly didn’t help me at the end of the game because I measured the strips wrong initially.  It did help me get a visual.  I tried to be presistant but I know there are flaws. I cut the cross stitch 3inches (I’m pretty sure that is what the video suggested). Measured and marked on the painters tape. There was an extra strip I made to help me go down the rows. I still love how it turned out! 


  • Measuring tape
  • Leveler
  • Electrical tape
  • Painters tape & pencil/pen (optional if you want to mark, high suggest it)
  • Scissors

After that project, I just wanted to keep going. I started this little wall  side where my tv sits. I will admit there it was easier and harder than the cross stitch pattern. I stretch the tape to connect to the other lines. (Definitely not suggest that because later the tape will peak off. I haven’t gone back to fill in with extra tape. Opps!) It’s hard for me to tape a straight line. I had to keep going back and fixing it. Some I just left a little wonky. I’m the only one in this room. 

Even though that little wall is such a small area, it is amazing electrical tape can have an impact. 

Pinterest, seriously I love you! Well, Pinterest gives me hope that I can accomplish a project. Hope is the key word. This project was pretty simple. 

Since I was seriously obbessed, I saw an image earlier with different shapes. 

There a blank space where I wanted something flat to take the space. This heart is slightly weird that it’s “low” on the wall. However, I  have seven different lengths of shelves hanging on this wall. On these shelves, there are different little things displayed. Eventually I’ll get the display to my loving. I just really like it at the moment. I needed something flat to hopefully balance it. A girl can wish. 

If you attempt this project send pictures! I would love to see what magic you can create! 


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