Wear/Review/Thoughts: Kylie Lip Kit- Leo

5:18pmBoth 9:10pm

I never planned to purchase Leo. I desperately wanted the minis however all four times I have failed. I was so annoyed.

On the third release, I decided to purchase Leo because I knew I wasn’t going to able to purchase the minis. I loved the choices in that bundle!

Leo is a gorgeous shade. I am skeptical how the application is going to be on my lips. I still love Mary Jo K and Candy K. Posie K is alright but I can’t wear it for a long time. The formula feels wears weird on my lips. It’s slightly thick and there’s a slight tackiness. The best is Posie on the out, Candy ombres in the center of my lips.

If you saw my last post about my disappointment of Kourt K. I still hate it. I will use the liner.

Packaging impression: Love! I actually feel like the lipstick tube is just a hare heavier.

First application I used the liner. It was okay. It took a little bit more time to finish to where I liked it.

I decided to wipe it off and try to see how it’ll look without the liner. I normally never use liner.

It was still just as messy. Of course, dark shades shows mistakes easier.

The dry time is slightly longer. The wear reminds me of Posie.

I think this lipstick would be max of 2-3hr wear. 

Overall: Love the color, questioning the wearability.

Fingers crossed!


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