Jotting Down Those Recipes

In today’s world Pinterest and Youtube personally influences my cooking attempts.

Accessing recipes online is convenient but saving can be a stuggle. Find recipes on Pinterest, there are so many to choose from. Many pins are from the same site. Some pins links are deleted or the website took them down. I can’t remember what exactly occurs but you lose the recipe.

A major reason of having this “Home Made Eats” section is more for myself. I can just pull up the recipes up here (if I label everything correctly).

At the end of the day, having a physical copy of the recipes I like sounds awesome. I went back to some of the recipes I remember I have tried and liked then started writing them down. This book started with another purpose. I ripped those pages out. This book is not organized in any matter. I did try to label what it is and on the top right if it was “Pinterest Inspired”.

Wish me and this book luck that I will commit to fill out the book eventually!!!


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