Everything but the mushrooms sounded delicious!

Here’s the link for where the screenshot was taken: Source

Back to the task at hand! I hate mushrooms! Never particularly cared for it. It gross me out. Taste funny. Nothing positive for me about mushrooms. Sorry!

I wanted something different than what I usually lean towards when I am at Uncle Maddios.

When I placed the order, I asked if I could get the mushroom off. He replied, both kinds? (I didn’t noticed that there were two kinds that were supposed to go the pizza.) Yep, mushrooms can be left behind for me! Anyways, this pizza doesn’t look like the picture, just noticing that. Ha. The guy who created my pizza just said to say I did the “create your own pizza” instead of paying for “signature pizza”.

This pizza was great. However, there was something missing. Either there was an extra ingredient or there was ingredient missing. I still can’t figure out. Maybe it was actual meat protein. It is slightly odd to have a meal without any meat protein. I would not survive if I was a vegetarian.

I did add garlic salt because I love garlic salt. I didn’t even know they had seasoning until I saw it next to the salt and pepper near the drink station. I actually went up there to get sriracha. I only put sriracha on half of the pizza.

Definitely added this to the round of pizzas I like ordering from there!


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