Pumpkin Spice Truffles


Peace out summer! Hello cooler weather! Fall is tomorrow! To celebrate my favorite season, I decided to try attempt to make these. The video doesn’t look to hard.

Source: PopSugar Food YouTube Video

I try to follow steps to the point but 20 graham crackers? There’s 18 in a sleeve. I didn’t want to open a sleeve just to get 2 crackers. That’s just silly. Because of the 2 rejected crackers I did just a little over 2 ounces of cream cheese but not to the 1/2.

I used the cookie scoop to for the ball size. If you can’t tell not all of the massive ones. I wasn’t sure if I was a big pumpkin fan so I split the big ball in half. I like pumpkin spiced lattes but I wasn’t sure since this has actual puree in it.

It was pretty easy to make was is awesome. I didn’t know if the truffles were supposed to be kept in the fridge or out but I liked mine cold.

My first impression, it was odd. It wasn’t solid enough so it was a little smushy. I stuck the tray in the freezer after it was in the refrigerator. I’m glad I made the little ones because they are rich so it was easier to eat one… or two. The bigger ones were more of a commit to eat.

If I decide to make this again, I’m going to stick with making little balls.


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