Burgundy Lover

burgundy img_8666

SNS nails for September! This color is called My First Date. I originally wanted to look for a jade green shade. One of the rings I wear has a jade. I thought it would be a good color for my nails. When I went to look at my options they didn’t have that shade or any close to what I was imaging.

That’s okay because burgundy is one of my favorite colors. It’s pretty appropriate since Fall is here!

Happy fall to whomever is reading this! Hope you are having a splendid day!

I am in love with this color. On the flip side, I don’t like how the manicurist did my nails. She is a sweet woman but ahh. Not one of my favs.

I had really long nails. She asked if I wanted them to be trimmed, I said sure. I love how long my nails had gotten. I get SNS about once a month. Little expensive but totally worth it because it last so long! Anyways, I agree on getting it trimmed because my nails would grow way to long. Oh buddy, she got rid of half of the white part of the nails. I wasn’t expecting a butchering. Technically my left nails are slightly longer than my right… I can only tell when I measure my nails “back to back” style.

I do tend to watch the nail technicians because I find it soothing. I am enjoy watching painting my nails perfectly since I can’t. (Well almost perfectly.) Older I get, I am realizing how much of a control freak I am. It’s more in my head, I don’t always verbalize my thoughts because I don’t want I come off as a brat. I should know better! I normally if I don’t like how the person shaped my nails, when I come back home I just carefully shape them to my liking or just wear it as is for a week. It depends if I get regular polish,gel, or SNS.

This past year I have gotten SNS 5 times. I had to think about al the times. I started making a list on my phone because I take pictures of my nails but I forget the nail which doesn’t help me in the long run. I have 2 of the 5 written down. Well I know 3 because was one was black SNS with silver chrome. I don’t know if the chrome has a name or not….

I’m so a.d.d.! Back to the correct topic! The manicurist…. drilled… down my nails; it wasn’t even straight. I like rounded square shape if that make sense. Technically that doesn’t but anyways. It was crooked! I thought she would go fix it later. I had to ask her two different times to fix my nails. Left middle finger and thumb were special… *sarcasm* When it was said and done. I actually had to ask her if she can round my thumb edge. It was sharp. I don’t think I’ve ever had my nails that sharp. She was a doll and fixed it.

I feel guilty for “complaining” so much but I don’t want to be rude. I wanted to ask if I could just shape my nails and then let her continue once I like the length and shape. That is so rude! So I resisted! She is a super lovely person. She even remembers me when I come in. Some of the edges are slightly rough already.

Even said and done, when I got home I carefully cleaned up the shape to make it better. The part of the SNS edges that were still rough I tried to file away. My hair can get caught in-between my nails and the SNS polish if I am washing my hair. That’s why I am so bummed about the edges of the polish on some nails are a little raised.

Note to future self: try to file before getting to the nail place and ask them to leave the length and shape alone. Hopefully that doesn’t come off rude!

Even though the application was more of a mess, I am still loving my nails!


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