Tommy Hilfiger Heels!

Don’t mind dog hair on my pants leg. 

Anywhoozal! Belk had sale the other week. These shoes were on clearance. 

So the shoes originally $89 for more or less of $20-30. I can’t remember now. The sale was 20-25% off. 

I did wear this for a night out. We walked to the destination sat for a while to people watch. After we parted ways from some of the people we went, we walked to different places. We walked/stood for about an hour. Maybe a little longer. I’ll be honest. My feet were in so much pain; they felt like it was burning. I will blame that some of the surfaces were uneven. 

They are cute for short distances. Maybe over time my feet can immune. 

Breaking in a pair of shoes during a night out even though it was a calm night out. Still a big commitment. 

I love these shoes! So simple yet step up compared to my norm of flip flops. 


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