Just Finished Reading: The Woman In Cabin 10 

Thoughts before starting reading: Apprehension because I remember I enjoyed In A Dark, Dark Woods. Will it live up as much as I enjoyed her first book?!?

My thoughts after the first eight chapters: Interesting. Slowly building in the plot line. I can’t remember the main character’s name. Is actually can’t remember any of the names. I’m not the best at remember names. I figured I would remember by now. *sigh* I’m pretty bad with details in life. Anyways, from the first few chapters starts out with a bang with the creepy factor! 

After the first 20 chapters: It’s not necessarily a fast paced book however I can’t put the book down. I’m just waiting for everything tie together. It hasn’t hit the “addicting factor” which that statement sounds contrary. At this point, anyone can be the murder if there really is a murder aboard. My guess is Cole. I think that’s what Ruth is trying to make you guess. 

This book is separated by chapters and parts. I’m now currently on Part 6. Oh my lands. I’m getting super creeped out! I love it because it’s getting exciting. And I am terrified because I spooked easily. Ruth Ware is doing a very excellent job of giving me the hebee jebees!!!!

Chapter 25: At this point of the book, you know who gets her! (Sidenote: my guess was obviously wrong) Still patiently waiting to find out why this whole scheme (lack or a better word, at the moment) started. 

Chapter 26: Lo aka Laura (main character) just puzzled everything in her thoughts. Things are getting very interesting! 

Chapter 40: The pieces are in place. Well majority. But this time, “villain” is relieved. Interestingly enough about the sidekick, the way Ware created the character, there’s definitely emotional roller coaster of like or hating this person. 

Finished the book: YEAH! For all the characters at the end! I love a happy ending. I did think there was going to be a fake death plot. I personally like how she wrapped up the character lines. Especially with the main character, I like the ephinany she has. I thought she would have walked away at the end.

Overall: Slightly slow beginning but if I remember correctly that was how it was in her other book. Now that I have finished it. Flippin’ love it. This book was more suspenseful. I love and dislike that factor. Still very enjoyable. I just read this book less than 48 hour time span. 

Not sure if I would have enjoyed this book if I had just read couple chapters a night. 

It could just this genre I couldn’t just read a few chapters. I don’t think I want to switch to the psychological thriller books. I know that will not do well with my mental state. However, she continues to write books which I assume. Her books will definitely to entertaining to read once in a while. I have to space that out. 

She plays at the correct fears to make it creepy. This book alone plays with the fear of: Burglary. Paranoia. Clastophobia. Torture. Survival. Premeditated actions. I know it’s just a book, I am a wimp. I could feel my chest tighter while reading at some scenes. 


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