In A Dark, Dark Woods and The Woman In Cabin 10 book vs movie in the future FACE OFF!

I remembered that In A Dark, Dark Woods is now a book-to-film style. Here’s a quick article I just looked up for more details (Source). I think that story line is very entertaining for a movie. I can’t wait to see it, whenever it becomes a movie. I remember there were more funny moments. Definitely jaw dropping, more in the scene of “omg I can’t believe that happening” *grinning*. This is what goes to my brain when I think about that book. “That psychotic b****!” If you read the book, you know what I am talking about. Ware plays with element of isolation however being watched. When all the dots are connected, insanity. 
The Woman In Cabin 10 as a movie… That would be a different vibe. It’s just creepier. Things [find a better word] that comes to mind after reading that book. Burglary. Paranoia. Claustrophobia. Torture. Death.  

Trying to remember elements in both books are hard. Quick list, the majority of the elements (more unlisted above) can be found in both books. However it’s played in different ways. 

In A Dark, Dark Wood doesn’t play with survival roll to the extent of The Woman In Cabin 10. 

In A Dark, Dark Wood to me was more “What happened? Who did it?” In The Woman In Cabin 10, it was more “Who did it? How are you going to survive? If you get a chance to survive.”  

For my viewing entertainment, In A Dark, Dark Wood wins! 

It all depends on the person’s preference. Which one would you rather see? Or would you enjoy watching movie novels being played on the big screen?


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