Wear/Review/Thoughts: Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick

Slowly changing my mind about this product…  

First impression: very skeptical because it was a lot easier to mess up on applying than what I am used to with the Kylie Lipkits. Every application for the first day looked awful. 

There’s minor tackiness while wearing and minimal transfer if you do the kiss test. 

The inner middle part wears away faster but that’s unsurprising. 

It doesn’t wear like a velvet matte which I had to get used to. This shade is like my other lipsticks that I own that are not liquid. This to me just feels like wear a typical lipstick that isn’t shiny. 

I applied the lipstick late last night and then a few hours fell asleep. I woke up this morning. By that time, technically it had been 8 hours of wear. My lips looked rough only because the lines were not sharp around the edges, they were blurred and faded. Oddly still looked fine considering.

Once I wipe the product off, my lips weren’t necessarily fully hydrated but they weren’t dried and looking terrible. 

That right there was the reason why I wanted to try this product again.

Today is the second day of me wearing this product. Yesterday, I was getting close when it came to thinking about returning it. 

Anyways today, I applied it at 9am ate breakfast, drank coffee. Around 11am, I did a touch up in the middle of my lips. 

Ate lunch after 1pm, I had to reapply. It’s not uncomfortable to reapply over the previous layer. 

Around 5:20pm, took olive oil to completely take off the liquid lipstick. (Sidenote: I was in the kitchen that’s why I used olive oil) Then I applied the liquid lipstick again before dinner. 

Once I got home and before I left again, I did a quick touch up in the center of my lips. 

Now it’s just a little past midnight and I have completely taken off the liquid lipstick and applied some lip balm. My lips feel amazing. I had to reapply throughout the day but it wasn’t that unusual to me because it’s a lipstick. The product might gather just slightly in areas but my lips were not flaking like they normally would have with the other liquid matte lipsticks I own.  

I am very impressed. I was skeptical since I tended to stick with a brand or so I know I can depend on. Not that I think that “Kylie Lipkits” is holy grail. I know it’s not but I was fimiliar with that brand’s pros and cons. 
I probably won’t go rushing out to buy every color of from this product line. Reastically who needs every color? For me, that is a waste of money to do spend to purchase the same shades that I already own or shades I know I won’t wear. However, I would like just to get one or two more in the future. 
This whole back and forth of my thoughts about this product… Two thumbs up!!! 


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