My Car Essentials

Some of these to me are no brainer. There are other items that are random. 

First picture: 

  • Petroleum jelly (I used to keep a small typical Vaseline but I went on a hunt for a tube. It’s easier to control and neater to apply on my finger to put of my lips. I also use it during winter to apply on my legs. I’m aweful at applying lotion daily.)
  • I am always in need for a nail file. I actually try to keep more because I eventually throw individual ones away. 
  • Gum. When the level is low it actually makes me nervous because I am a two gum chewer. I chew gum almost every time I’m in the car J hadn’t realized that until now while I am thinking about it. 
  • Instead of my hair ties and bobbypins lose around my car. I kept it around the cup I keep my change. It’s secured and easy to access.
  • Rarely need a pen but I just keep one in there. 
  • To be honest, I have no use for that small bungee cord. I obviously hadn’t gotten rid of it. 

Second picture:

  • The long cord on the left, I use for my phone. 
  • Blue cord is a spare for a passenger. 
  • Black is if the passenger has an android. (I like to be accommodating as much as I can. I find it slightly odd when only one person can charge their phone on a long drive.)
  • First aid kit
  • Napkins. More for me to use for to remove oil from my face than any food/drink mess. #girlproblems Chipotle napkins are the best! Anything similar to that napkin material. 
  • Tampons… well I’m a girl. You need to be prepared. I have no shame. (It may just throw my male friends off for a second if they open the console.Hahah)
  • I found the Listerine spray. Never use it but it’s handy when chewing gum isn’t appropriate. 

Third picture: (I’m aware it has to be the most random!)

  • I keep a bag with tennis ball and a foam soccer ball. I like the idea if I randomly wanted to go to a park I am prepared. 
  • Pennyboard is usually flipped upside down so it doesn’t slide as much or awkwardly stored in the bag. I can slightly pennyboard, if it’s a straight road/no hills/smooth surface. I basically can’t. However! I like to think of it as an extra way form of transportation in an emergency. 
  • Realistically the pennyboard is kept in there because sometimes the lil peeps (kids) I watch takes turn riding on it. Where they live is great so I can actually ride for a little bit. 
  • The most important item kept in my trunk is a pair of flats! They aren’t comfortable for long term. Slightly ironic because the first pair I own which is a similar style and I can wear them all day long. Anyways, I like heels and have been trying to wear more often. 

In the colder months, I’ll probably add boots and a jacket to store. I keep the bags hooked to the sides so stuff isn’t moving around. 

In the past, I used to keep a plastic bin of folded t-shirts as well as overthink items in my trunk. It would save me time if last minute I decided to go stay with a friend.

I used to the keep a can almonds in my car. By accident a few years ago the bag of almonds I had with me came in handy. I need to do that again. 

Thought I would be entertaining to explain why I have these things in my car. Now that I am thinking about all of this. I can’t decide if my explainations are just a low key form of laziness so I keep things I think I might need/want OR I just like to be prepared over certain aspect.

I like to think prepared. 

What’s the weirdest item you keep in your car and what’s your reasoning?


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