Tunes On Repeat: (Kodalibe)

Oddly enough last year, I started to listen to them because they were on a soundtrack. 

I had to look up what movie or tv show they were in that I liked their song. I have no idea but looking at their filmography (soundtrack) on IMDB. Scrolling through I’ve seen a couple movies/tv shows that their music has been featured on. 

Anyways, I actually confused Kodaline with another band when I intially started to listen to their music. I can’t recall the artist whom I mixed them up with. 

Kodaline was at Music Midtown last year. They are just a chill band. Makes my heart happy. 

I love my attempt of singing along to their songs. Haha I’m an awful singer. I am more of a whistler. 

If I want to sing along and chill vibe I’ll play Kodaline. Or just the one of the calm playlist saved on Spotify.  


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